IT & Telecommunications

Mexican Regulation Compliance, Permits & Licenses

Nowadays, telecommunications is one of the most rapidly expanding and evolving industry sectors around the world. As so, there is a growing need for keeping up with the legal requirements for developing businesses.

Resendiz Wong Abogados are well known for being capable of fully handling all the legal aspects concerning the telecommunication operations so the clients can focus on running their core businesses without obstacles.

Our experienced attorneys offer services in diverse areas of telecommunication media, such as television, radio, telephone and internet including aspects such as federal and local regulation compliance, attainment of permits and licenses, broadcasting, distribution systems, network services, facilities construction and acquisition, manufacturing of telecommunication products, franchising and taxes among others.

Our firm is also experienced in providing counseling on litigation and disputes concerning intellectual property, brand registrations and information security for government, international companies and telecommunication operators.

Our telecommunication law expert area has a skillful team that gives our clients solutions regarding the web based businesses and internet activity in general, covering instances regarding domain names, information access, website development, web hosting regulations, trademarks, content licensing of content, software development, data transmission and advertising. RWA is always ready to advice and support clients on unexpected issues concerning electronic signatures, security and data protection.