Our Firm


Resendiz Wong Abogados is a law firm of attorneys in Mexico that specializes in rendering legal services to international corporations and private foreign citizens in Mexico. No client is too big or too small for our firm, as our list of clients includes everybody from Fortune 500 companies doing business in Mexico, to individual private foreign citizens. Our attorneys in Mexico have extensive experience in all areas of Mexican Law.

We are composed of some of the most talented, ethical and effective attorneys in Mexico, and we maintain an impeccable record of providing outstanding personalized service to our international clients. Our exceptional reputation has even brought our firm of attorneys in Mexico the recognition of the U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as the International Trade Offices in Mexico for the States of Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York.

There are several factors that separate Resendiz Wong attorneys from other attorneys in Mexico. For one, because our firm focuses primarily on serving international companies and foreign citizens, we encourage our attorneys to not only become bi-lingual, but bi-cultural as well.


Reséndiz Wong Abogados, SC is a boutique business-oriented law firm founded more than two decades ago to satisfy the legal needs of multinational companies, private investors and entrepreneurs demanding accurate and one-stop specialized legal services in Mexico. RWA was created with the sole idea of providing a soft landing in Mexico through prompt, accountable and reliable legal solutions. Our firm provides a full range of legal services and is dedicated to the principles of professionalism, excellence, and service to our clients. We value long-term relationships with our clients and are constantly working to meet their changing needs.Our clients include some of the Fortune 500 corporations, insurance companies, retailers, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and service companies in our region and the nation, as well as emerging growth and technology companies. We also represent smaller businesses and individuals.

Ricardo Reséndiz, founding partner of RWA, is an attorney born in Mexico City with more than twenty years of experience advising foreign companies on how to do business in or with Mexico. He obtained his Law Degree With Honors from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (1991-1994) and continued his legal education intensively by earning a number of post-graduate diplomas at Escuela Libre de Derecho law school (Commercial Arbitration 1996); International Chamber of Commerce ICC (Letters of Credit 1996); Universidad Iberoamericana law school (Corporate Law 1997); Universidad Panamericana law school (Tax Law 1998); Universidad Panamericana law school (International Finance Law 1999) and a Masters in Tax Law (2000) also from Universidad Panamericana law school. Thanks to his performance as business lawyer and expert in foreign investment, Mr. Reséndiz is a regular invited lecturer at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Mexico City and collaborates with media networks such as CNN and multiple law magazines and specialized journals rendering legal opinions on different topics of corporate and business law. Mr. Reséndiz is fluent in English, German and French, while Spanish is his native language.