Energy, Electricity, Oil & Gas

Expert Advice on the Accomplishment of Energy, Electricity, Oil & Gas Projects & Public Bids in Mexico

In Mexico, laws stipulate the legal ownership of land, water and natural resources to the nation. The rights on surface ownership and natural resources is limited and controlled by a series of complex regulations. In order for the energy business to grow and expand, local and international companies and organisms need a competent counsel and guidance for their energy, electricity, oil & gas projects.

RWA is fully dedicated to guide clients on achieving successful businesses in Mexico concerning the energy, electricity, oil & gas area by advising them on the laws and regulations in these sectors and assuring full compliance with the legal requisites. Our firm provides services which completely cover regulatory matters, contracts, permits and authorizations; energy generation, supply, transportation, distribution, marketing and exportations; administrative procedures, litigation and arbitration; negotiation and accomplishment of energy projects including bidding on public contests, infrastructure, finance preparation and corporate strategic affairs.

RWA has been involved for many years in the representation of local and international companies and institutions who are interested in conducting energy, electricity, oil & gas businesses in Mexico, including investors, energy developers, and power companies in the areas of oil and gas exploration, production and transformation, electricity generation and transmission, renewable energy and natural resources, providing also guidance on finance and marketing.

Our energy, electricity, oil & gas law specialized attorneys have local and international experience on providing legal solutions to our clients in energy matters by working in conjunction with industry professionals which offer their specific skills in every requested project. Our office collaborates with environmental engineers, geologists, geophysicists, chemical engineers, petroleum engin