Corporate Taxation

Corporate Tax Advice for Companies Doing Business in Mexico

“Suitable corporate tax planning, based upon an objective legal interpretation of the law, leads a corporation to the optimal performance of its tax obligations and avoids irremediable economic losses” Considering the aforementioned, RWA provides legal advice to design corporate tax strategies applicable to your transactions in order to both comply with the Mexican tax laws and take advantage of the domestic and foreign corporate tax provisions, including the existing international tax treaties. Furthermore, RWA provides corporate tax counsel for the planning and negotiation of commercial transactions, as well as for the operation of corporations, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructures, joint ventures, bankruptcy, price transferring, consolidations, securities, secured and unsecured transactions, leasing, transfer of assets, personal patrimony transactions, subsidiary transactions, including:

Analysis of joint ventures, mergers, spin-offs, corporate restructuring, business acquisitions, bankruptcy, stock market transactions, leasing, acquisition or sale of assets, and project finance;

Corporate Tax planning, consulting, and negotiation;

Advisory on bilateral tax treaties regarding the Income Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law, and Assets Tax Law;

Advisory and assistance to multinational companies and financial institutions in designing world-wide corporate tax strategies taking into account Mexico’s tax system and the global tax needs of its clients;

Advisory on audits carried out by the tax authorities;

Advisory on domestic and foreign estate and inheritance tax implications, assessments on royalties, technology payments, levies on franchise payments;

Advisory on customs duties and tariffs, import and export activities, employee incentive program implications.