Contracts & Transactional Law

Drafting of Contracts according to the Mexican Law

Resendiz Wong Abogados have a number of Contracts and Transactional law lawyers to help business owners and management find creative answers quickly.

Transactional Law is one of the most complicated and difficult areas of the law to understand and navigate. Transactional Law encompasses both contracts between individuals, and between businesses, including any combination there of. It also encompasses the formation of businesses entities and corporations. When involved in issues regarding contracts, from formation to dissolution and everything in between, it is highly advisable to seek an attorney to represent and protect your interests.

The aim of a business enterprise is to sell a product or to render a service. To achieve the former in most cases requires a negotiation process, concluding in the execution of a contract. The success of a transaction relies upon the approach used to negotiate the corresponding contract, as well as on the transparency and legality of the provisions contained therein. For this reason, we provide you with legal advice in order to help you obtain balanced contracts with your business counterparts, seeking always your best interests in accordance with the applicable laws, and foreseeing any legal contingency that may adversely affect any transaction held by your company. In terms of Contracts and Transactional law, RWA can assist you in the negotiation, preparation, and execution of the following contracts:

Lump-sum agreements and related subcontracts;

Commercial representation and distribution agreements;

Purchase of products;

Franchising, leasing, transfer of goods, rendering of services and employment agreements, among others.